Bill Holliday, P.E., M.S. is an Acoustical Consultant who has been working in the field of acoustics since 1992.  He has extensive experience working on both environmental and architectural acoustics projects.  For environmental projects, he is responsible for measuring ambient and source sound levels, modeling and analyzing noise sources, determining federal/state/local noise code compliance, recommending methods for noise impact reduction, and addressing acoustical issues in community meetings and hearings.  He has expertise using acoustic measurement equipment and procedures and is proficient in TNM, Stamina, SoundPLAN, INM, and has written several programs based on established acoustical formulas.

Registered Professional Environmental Engineer, AZ – 2013
Registered Professional Acoustical Engineer, OR – 1997
National Council of Acoustical Consultants
Acoustical Society of America
American Institute of Architects (affiliate)

MS, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University,
1992 Thesis and Focus of Study: Acoustics
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Lehigh University,  1990

Sound Solutions – Tucson, Arizona – Owner – 2004 to present
Entranco/DMJM Harris – Tucson, Arizona – Senior Acoustical Consultant – 2003 to 2004
David L Adams Associates – Denver, Colorado – Senior Acoustical Consultant – 1999 to 2002
Daly-Standlee Associates – Portland, Oregon – Acoustical Consultant – 1996 to 1999
Digisonix, Inc. – Madison, Wisconsin – Development Engineer – 1992 to 1996

Vicente J. Castro, B. Arch. is an Architect with experience in residential, commercial, and institutional projects since 2002.  He has extensive experience in creating design solutions to several types of projects, creating documents and 3D models to efficiently communicate the idea to the client. He has worked for architectural firms in Mexico and the U.S. always focusing on detail and solving client’s necessities in the most practical manner.
Registered Professional Architect Mexico – 2004
B. Arch. Universidad de Sonora, Mexico – 2004

Kemper Brightman received his degree from Whitman College and brings a diverse background in science to the team. As an acoustical consultant, Kemper is in charge of measurement, analysis and report generation for Sound Solutions.

Carlos Mendoza lives in Mexico City and works with our Mexican clients.  He specializes in sales, client realations, measurements, and report translation for Sound Solutions.

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