Noise Engineers is an acoustical consulting firm that works throughout the US, Mexico, Central and South America conducting: noise measurements, analysis, and reporting for industrial noise projects.

We work on projects involving:

  • industrial noise (OSHA noise limits) for manufacturing facilities, use acoustic camera
  • environmental noise regulations (Leq, dBA, DNL, L10, L90) for industrial noise sources
  • mechanical noise and vibration (RC, NC, dBV) for industry
  • room acoustics (T60, speech intelligibility, sound quality) for offices and conference rooms in factories

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Complete Acoustical Consultants

Noise Measurements, Analysis, Reporting, Sound Absorption, Soundproofing, Installation

Industrial Noise

Environmental Noise

Mechanical Noise & Vibration Control

Room Acoustics

We work throughout the US and Mexico and have offices in:

Phoenix, Arizona: 602-529-5806

San Diego, California: 619-732-6270

Tucson, Arizona: 520-979-2213

Mexico: +52-1-55-1597-1568

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