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When used correctly it enhances all other aspects of design.

Noise Engineers is an acoustical consulting firm based in Arizona. Our acoustical consultants conduct noise measurementsanalyze data, and deliver recommendations and reports for environmental and architectural noise projects.

Schools, corporate, theaters, government, municipal spaces, and universities
Between condominium units, offices, adjacent commercial spaces, retail spaces, industrial, and others
Educational facilities, hospitals, retail stores, some residential, and corporate spaces
Worker noise exposure (OSHA noise limits) in factories or other industrial facilities
MRI vibration compliance, blasting vibration, and rail vibration.
Mechanical noise, firing range noise, speech ineligibility, reasonable mechanical noise levels, uniform building code compliance
Measure, predict, and make recommendations for the control of noise and vibration from mechanical equipment
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Acoustic Consultants

Our team of acoustical engineers are available to measure, analyze, and make recommendations to help with your A/E/C project.

Our Clients

Architects, engineers, property managers, office managers, contractors, designers, product developers, and human resource managers.

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Acoustic & Noise Control Articles

Acoustic Camera

  I recently used an acoustic camera for three factory noise projects in Mexico.  We were tasked with identifying the noise sources and reducing the noise from many machines.  We rented an acoustic camera to help us with this process.  An acoustic camera costs between $100,000 and $200,000.  I found it to be very helpful,…

Evaluating Sound Transmission Class

You can see our video about this topic at: Sound Isolation Video. Sound Isolation Projects Noise Engineers regularly works on sound isolation projects. Generally, it involves reducing the noise between spaces or from the exterior to interior.  Usually, we need to test and/or predict the noise passing between spaces. Exterior to Interior Sound Isolation In…

Greater Sage Grouse – Noise Engineers

Noise Engineers has been assisting in monitoring and evaluating the noise radiating to greater sage grouse leks near a new mining operation in Nevada for two seasons.  The noise thresholds were set based on the pre-project noise levels measured in 2013.  We are conducting continuous noise measurements during mating season to prevent impacts from the…

Acoustical Absorption

  Acoustical absorption is used in a wide array of settings and applications.  It is used to control echo, reduce the noise level in a space, make it easier to understand speach, and control focusing.

The Basics – Noise Engineers

Sound Pressure Level Sound, or noise, is the term given to variations in air pressure that are capable of being detected by the human ear. Small fluctuations in atmospheric pressure (sound pressure) constitute the physical property measured with a sound pressure level meter. Because the human ear can detect variations in atmospheric pressure over such…

Industrial Enclosures

You can see the video of our conversation at: Industrial Enclosure Video Enclosure Installation Recently, Noise Engineers installed a hard metal acoustical enclosure at a factory in Aguascalientes, México. The noise from a press causes worker noise exposure levels to exceed the Mexican limits. The noise from the press is more than 20 dBA higher…

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