Noise Engineers measures noise levels (dBA, DNL, CNEL, Leq), predicts noise levels, compares with applicable noise regulations, recommends noise mitigation, write reports, and provide expert testimony.  We work on projects involving: roads, airports, light and heavy rail, industry, commercial, mechanical sources, mines, and other.

Room Acoustics

Noise Engineers evaluates your need to improve your space through measurements and/or predictions.  We can reduce noise levels, control reverberation, decrease focusing and unwanted reflections, improve speech privacy and vibration isolation.  We recommend treatments that meeting your project needs and can facilitate getting the solution to you and, if desired, installed.

Industrial Noise

Noise Engineers can measure and/or predict worker noise exposure and we can provide solutions to reduce the noise in an industrial setting. We predict the direct and reverberant noise exposure and predict the amount of noise reduction provided by various treatments.

Sound and Impact Isolation

Noise Engineers measures sound transmission class (STC) and impact insulation class (IIC). We can predict the STC and IIC for various constructions or improvements to a wall or floor/ceiling system. We can make recommendations to meet your design requirements.

Mechanical Noise and Vibration Control

Noise Engineers measures and predicts noise from meachanical units. We can predict the noise for a new building or measure the noise in an existing building. We evaluate the noise paths and make recommendations to meet the design guideline.

Product Noise

Noise Engineers provides testing services for products and design consulting services to address noise radiating from products.

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