Acoustical Wall Panels

Fabric wrapped fiberglass ridged panels that can be mounted to walls or ceilings.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

A flexible mass loaded vinyl treatment that can be used inside or outside to block noise

Quilted Mass Loaded Vinyl

A flexible vinyl treatment that can be used inside or outside as a barrier with acoustical absorption on one or both sides.

Custom Enclosures

Design and installation of custom enclosures of metal or vinyl that can have absorptive, transparent and operable components.

Acoustic Baffles

PVC and sail cloth wrapped baffles are very absorptive (with both sides exposed to the room), moisture resistant and easy to clean.

Acoustic spray

Spray-applied commercial cellulose insulation tailored to your specific project acoustical requirements.

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool comes in rolls or panels.  It’s an inexpensive way to add absorption to a space.  Fire resistant, fugus resistant and mold does not grow on it.

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