Noise Engineers is an acoustical consulting firm based in Arizona. Our acoustical consultants conduct noise measurementsanalyze data, and deliver recommendations and reports for environmental and architectural noise projects.


  • Environmental Noise Regulations (Leq, dBA, DNL, L10, L90)
    Roads, highways, airports, rail roads, light rails, cell towers, mines, commercial developments, industrial and mechanical facilities. 
  • Room Acoustics (T60, speech intelligibility, sound quality)
    Schools, corporate, theaters, government, municipal spaces, and universities.
  • Sound and Impact Isolation (STC, IIC)
    Condominiums, offices, airport noise zones.
  • Mechanical Noise and Vibration (RC, NC, dBV)
    Rooftop units, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and industrial facilities.
  • Industrial Noise (OSHA noise limits) Acoustic Camera Analysis 
    Manufacturing and other regulated facilities.
  • Expert Witness Testimony


Acoustic Consultants

Our team of acoustical engineers are available to measure, analyze, and make recommendations to help with your A/E/C project. 

Industrial Noise

Environmental Noise

Sound & Impact Isolation

Room Acoustics

Mechanical Noise & Vibration Control

Vibration & Noise Testing

Noise Control Analysis

Expert Testimony

Sound is a powerful tool, when used correctly it enhances all other aspects of design. 

Our Clients 

Our Clients are generally…

Architects, engineers, property managers, office managers, contractors, designers, product developers, and human resource managers.  


Our Services  

  • Environmental 
    Roads, airports, light and heavy rail, industry, commercial, mechanical sources, mines, retail, shooting ranges, race tracks, and pool pumps.
  • Room Acoustics 
    Churches, synagogues, schools, offices, conference rooms, courts, call centers, universities, recording studios, restaurants, libraries, and hospitals.
  • Industrial Noise 
    Worker noise exposure in factories or other industrial facilities.
  • Sound and Impact Isolation 
    Between condominium units, offices, adjacent commercial spaces, retail spaces, industrial, and others.
  • Mechanical Noise and Vibration 
    Educational facilities, hospitals, retail stores, some residential, and corporate spaces.
  • Vibration Measurements 
    MRI vibration compliance, blasting vibration, and rail vibration.
  • Expert Testimony 
    Mechanical noise, firing range noise, speech ineligibility, reasonable mechanical noise levels, uniform building code compliance.