#18 Factory Noise Reduction

Factory Noise ReductionSound Solutions recently installed acoustical treatment to a factory in Mexico.  The installation was done to reduce worker noise exposure.  In this blog we will discuss the noise problem, the treatment options, and the expected noise reduction.

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#17 Elementary School Acoustics – Mechanical Noise and Sound Isolation

elementary school acousticsSound Solutions is working with Davy Architecture on the acoustics for the remodel of the Emerson Bandini Elementary School located in San Diego, California.  The primary acoustical issues being addressed are: mechanical noise, sound isolation, impact insulation, and room acoustics.

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#16 Acoustical Absorption

Acoustical Absorption Reverberation TIme

Acoustical absorption is used in a wide array of settings and applications.  It is used to control echo, reduce the noise level in a space, make it easier to understand speach, and control focusing.

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#15 HUD Noise Guideline

hud noise guideline engineers

When evaluating a site for compliance with the HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) guidelines, there are generally two steps.

  • Predict the noise levels outside the proposed building
  • If necessary, predict the interior noise level and insure the components (windows, walls, roof, doors) provide interior noise levels below the required DNL 45 dBA.

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#14 Acoustical Products – Noise Engineers

Noise Expert has started providing acoustical products.  They provide them, deliver them and can install them.  They are focusing on four different products:

  • acoustic wall panels
  • loaded vinyl
  • fiberglass absorption
  • metal barriers/absorption

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#13 Acoustic Chamber

anechoic chamber acoustic testWe have received several inquiries about constructing an acoustics testing lab.  There have been varying degrees of development of the plans we have received.  I thought this could be helpful, so I put together a list of factors to consider when designing an acoustics lab:

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#12 Acoustic Camera

industrial noise acoustic camera

I recently used an acoustic camera for three factory noise projects in Mexico.  We were tasked with identifying the noise sources and reducing the noise from many machines.  We rented an acoustic camera to help us with this process.  An acoustic camera costs between $100,000 and $200,000.  I found it to be very helpful, impressive to clients and easy to use.

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#11 OSHA Worker Noise

OSHA factory noise acoustic camera

Why Is Factory Soundproofing Important?

Factories typically have high ceilings with lots of hard reflective surfaces. When sound impacts a surface it is either reflected, absorbed or transmitted. In factory spaces, much of the machinery noise is reflected into the space. This noise can interfere with production and ultimately cost your company money.

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#9 Nine Tips for Better Sound Walls

metal sound wall barrier noise controlSound walls, noise barriers, acoustical walls are an important tool for environmental noise reduction. Here are 9 tips to maximize the effectiveness of these walls.

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